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AA Smartfuel launches Shopify app for local retailers
Tue, 23rd Mar 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

AA Smartfuel is teaming up with digital partners Firebrand and Stitch to help New Zealand's Shopify-savvy retailers to take advantage of the AA Smartfuel Programme.

According to statistics from NZ Post, New Zealand's eCommerce market grew 25% last year. What's more, Shopify's market capitalisation rose by NZ$1.39 billion last year - but only 8,500 New Zealand retailers are getting in on Shopify's eCommerce action.

According to AA Smartfuel, there is a catch 22 when it comes to sites like Shopify - sure, New Zealand retailers can sell more to the world, but the world can also sell more to New Zealanders, taking away important local business.

To keep the focus local, AA Smartfuel is now allowing Shopify retailers to join its programme, and to leverage the brand new AA Smartfuel Shopify app to create a great shopping experience.

 Some retailers have already been trialling the AA Smartfuel Shopify application on their sites - in some cases, they're achieving up to three times better than the 1.6% average of closing a sale.

Stitch managing partner Simon Wedde says that many retailers and marketers underestimate the amount of competition online.

“Yes, the market potential is exciting, but it's not a case of 'build it and they will come'.”

What's more, it's one thing to move to online retail, but it's another thing to get people to buy.

Firebrand founder Bex Twemlow says that the perceived complexity of technology adoption is one of the biggest barriers facing businesses, and there's the overwhelming pressure of where to begin.

“For that reason, we set out to make the AA Smartfuel Shopify app a super simple plug and play service. Three easy steps, and then the retailer can offer site-wide fuel discount incentives,” Twemlow explains.

“You have to use all the advantages of advertising and marketing technology, like the new AA Smartfuel Shopify app, to find the right audiences and create a compelling shopping experience,” Wedde adds.

AA Smartfuel director Ian Sutcliffe says that AA Smartfuel wanted to lend its brand and fuel programme to help New Zealand businesses.

“It is the right thing to do, supporting New Zealand's mostly SME retailers in this hyper competitive online retail environment," he notes.

“We have 2.8 million registered cardholders, so that's a big pool of New Zealanders our retail partners can tap into,” he explains.

“There are also 1,200 existing retailers issuing AA Smartfuel discounts already, and we want to give our New Zealand cardholders even more opportunities to save on fuel, particularly at this time. So far it looks like it is working for the retail partners we have on board.

The AA Smartfuel Shopify App is available for download and installation on any New Zealand Shopify eCommerce site through the Shopify App Store.