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Adobe opens up marketing opportunities with Roku
Wed, 27th Mar 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Adobe and streaming TV platform Roku are now offering Adobe customers the ability to precisely target consumer audiences moving to over-the-top content (OTT).

Marketers who use Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics can target first-party audience segments on Roku's platform.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud's focus on intelligence, accountability, targeting and inventory (especially TV) enables advertisers to deliver connected experiences in advertising to today's increasingly discerning consumer,” says Adobe Advertising Cloud vice president and general manager Keith Eadie.

“This partnership with Roku allows Adobe customers even more effectiveness while running campaigns on a leading TV streaming platform.

The functionality will also allow marketers to take advantage of the opportunities that streaming TV platforms can provide, through seamless activation for programmatic ad buying and access to Roku ad inventory.

This, Adobe says, will mean that marketers can scale their campaigns better, manage frequency and get a more accurate measure of success on OTT.

“With the shift to streaming, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers in a targeted, relevant way on TV,” says Roku's general manager of platform business, Scott Rosenberg.

 “Roku has a direct, first-party relationship with its consumers and the most advanced ad capabilities in OTT. This partnership gives Adobe clients a seamless way to activate their data and reach customers who've moved their TV viewing to Roku devices.

Advertising and marketing technologies aren't as clear-cut as they used to be. Now marketers want to understand advertising's paid media paths, and how they drive site paths that use data to better optimise campaigns.

Adobe Analytics features Advertising Analytics, allowing advertisers to clack clickthrough and last-view conversions.

Customers that use both Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics will be able to see how their advertising spend leads to site behaviour and how it drives critical business objectives such as revenue.

Additionally, customers can pass Adobe Analytics data into Adobe Advertising Cloud for use in reporting and optimization. These benefits lead to improved reporting and insight on how advertising drives site behaviour, better optimisation of campaigns and provides easier audience segmentation for customer experience across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Adobe is also bringing a major enhancement to Adobe Advertising Cloud Search that allows Adobe Sensei to deliver extended capabilities and value through Performance Optimization.

“Due to changes in optimisation technology made by the major search engines, marketers have to make choices about how they drive the best possible performance for their search marketing investments,” Adobe says.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud Search solves these advertiser challenges through its latest update, Performance Optimization for Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, which incorporates multiple search engine bidding strategies.

“Performance Optimization evaluates search marketing results and distributes media investment across campaigns using different bidding technologies to automatically optimize return on investment. This marks the first time any software solution in the industry has offered a bid optimisation approach across search engines and bidding tactics.