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Adobe study finds ANZ marketers aren't very good at their jobs

Marketers across Australia and New Zealand aren't very good at their jobs, according to research from Adobe – because 40% of local consumers think the promotional offers they receive just aren't the right ones for them. That figure is higher than the global average of 33%, suggesting that targeted marketing is still missing its mark.

While those same consumers love their mobiles (70% say they can do everything they need to do on a device), 90% still want to touch and interact with a product before they buy it.

“Men and Boomers are more likely to prefer interacting in person, while women and Millennials express a stronger preference to connect with people via text/social media.

The majority of the workday in Australia and New Zealand is conducted using a computer, with a significant proportion of the day spent with no device at all.

A variety of devices are relied upon at home, with computer and smartphone most common.

30% of consumers strongly prefer computers over smartphones, largely because of better screens, better keyboards, and websites that work better on computers.

Notably, voice commands aren't as popular with ANZ consumers when compared to respondents in other regions like Japan and Germany.

Only 14% of ANZ residents constantly/frequently use voice commands on their devices. In fact, 65% rarely or never do. This is also the case among younger ANZ residents, with only half using voice commands, and only 1 in 5 using them often.

However, 40% of mobile users believe they will use voice technology more often in the next couple of years.

39% of people in ANZ prefer to use a company's mobile app than check a mobile website (26%). However, only a minority of people have more than 9 ‘retail' apps installed on their device, and less than 1 in 6 have more than 20 apps installed.

When asked what activities they are doing more now on their mobile compared to 1-2 years ago, ANZ residents said banking (43%), scanning documents (43%) and monitoring traffic/navigate (42%). 28% of ANZ residents said they're tracking health stats while 22% said they're using their mobile to check in for flights.

ANZ residents most often use their smartphone to send a text (69%), make a voice call (53%), check or post to social media (49%), listen to a podcast (35%), or compose an email message (34%).

In addition to Australia and New Zealand, the survey was also conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and India.

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