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Amber Technology seals exclusive distribution deal with Mojawa
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Amber Technology, a leading distributor of innovative technology solutions, recently announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Mojawa, the developer of innovative bone conduction headphones. With this deal, Amber Technology becomes the sole distributor of Mojawa products in Australia and New Zealand, marking a substantial foray for Mojawa into these markets.

Mojawa was founded in 2021 with a mission to transform quotidian life into extraordinary experiences through its innovative technology. Its products are designed to recreate the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or movements to the user. This haptic technology is intended to enhance the user’s physical and mental health experiences.

The company has made its mark in the audio world with its open wireless stereo (OWS) technology. This tech revolutionises the audio experience by utilising air conduction to transmit sound, particularly through their bone conduction headphones. The beauty of OWS is its complete openness; it does not enter the ear, rendering an all-new, immersive sound experience.

Mojawa CEO Robin Cao expressed his confidence in this partnership stating, "Amber Technology's extensive experience and proven track record in distributing high-quality technology solutions make them the ideal partner to introduce Mojawa products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We look forward to working closely with Amber Technology to bring our innovative bone conduction headphones, including the groundbreaking HaptiFit Terra, to the consumers of these regions."

Peter Amos, managing director of Amber Technology, reciprocated these sentiments. He declard, "Mojawa represents a significant leap forward in audio technology with truly innovative products. This partnership underscores our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers."

Three flagship products will be introduced to the Australian and New Zealand markets in the initial rollout of the partnership. The HaptiFit Terra features artificial intelligence and health monitoring features - such as heart rate, oxygen levels, steps, and running pace tracking - and is suitable for swim training, thanks to its waterproof capabilities. Also introduced will be the Run Plus waterproof sports headphones, offering exceptional sound quality and the innovative dual suspension anchor system. Lastly, the Run Air headphones promises premium audio performance and features a patented third-generation maglev-Bass Accentuator.

This distribution partnership sees Amber Technology as the first omnichannel distributor globally to be appointed by Mojawa. The introduction of the Mojawa brand and product range in Australia and New Zealand is seen as a key milestone in the company's expansion.

Mojawa products - HaptiFit Terra (RRP AU$499), Run Plus (RRP AU$349), and Run Air (RRP AU$249) - will be available online in Australia and New Zealand from April 2024.