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Aussie blockchain firm Power Ledger wins XTC 2018

Mon, 29th Oct 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

An Australian blockchain firm scooped up first place at the Extreme Tech Challenge at Sir Richard Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands.

The Extreme Tech Challenge, also known as XTC, is the world's largest startup competition – and this year's top three finalists were whisked away to Necker Island for the final round.

Winners Power Ledger, from Perth, use blockchain to promote and enhance accessibility to clean energy.

“Power Ledger is a blockchain software company developing solutions for the energy industry. The Power Ledger Platform is an ecosystem of blockchain applications that enables peer-to-peer trading between households that own energy assets to trade electricity with their neighbours as well as set their own prices.

Power Ledger founder Dr Jemma Green says the company is honoured to receive the award and is excited for new opportunities that arise from the endorsement.

Other finalists included Revl and Owlet Baby Care. Although they didn't take away the top prize, they can say with pride that they made it to the top three contestants.

Finalist Revl provides AI video editing as a service for experience providers like zip-lines, racetracks, skydive drop zones and soon cruise ships and theme parks. The system uses Revl Arc cameras to capture the experience and Artificial Intelligence to edit a full social media package including 2 cinematic videos in less than 90 seconds.

Finalist Owlet Baby Care was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate parents who believed there had to be better resources for infant healthcare in the home. The team's goal is to bring themselves and other parents around the globe peace of mind and assurance by developing a device that tracks the baby's oxygen and heart rate while asleep. Using clinically proven technology called pulse oximetry, the Owlet Smart Sock is designed to notify parents if something appears to be wrong.

The XTC judging panel included Sir Richard Branson, Bitfury co-founder Valery Vavilov, United Arab Emirates' Prince Zayed Suroor, Ignite Founder - Singularity University Co-Ambassador, Lisa Andrews and Head of Marketing at Zoom Communications, Janine Pelosi.

The XTC has also announced the top 25 candidates for the 2019 XTC finals. They are:

•  ActiveProtective: A belt that promotes safer mobility of older adults using wearable airbags. The company is based out of Philadelphia and focuses on the wearable industry.  •  bitlumens: Based out of Switzerland, their mission is to offer a peer to peer platform where users adopt off-grid Solar systems to reduce carbon emissions and get access to lighting and water in places where there is no power grid.  •  Civic Eagle, Inc: This Atalanta based company helps organizations automate their discovery, tracking, and analysis of important legislation with artificial intelligence.  •  Earth Ledger: Based out of Estonia, Earth Ledger looks to resolve climate change using blockchain technology.  •  echoAR: A cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) apps based out of New York City.  •  Einride: Based out of Sweden, Einride provides a system for autonomous and zero emission road transportation.  •  Elevian: A company that develops regenerative medicines to treat and prevent age-related diseases. They focus on the Biotech industry and are based out of Boston.  •  Empower AS: Based out of Norway and focused on the environment, Empower AS is a digital plastic waste deposit system.  •  EnlightAID: A company fighting corruption in aid through transparency technology. They are based out of Norway and focus on the FinTech industry.  •  eWATERpay: Based out of the United Kingdom, eWATERpay uses IOT - Mobile Money to deliver sustainable water supply to 1 billion. Their main industries are energy and cleantech.  •  Liven: A digital currency company based out of Australia that focuses on lifestyle rewards and a mobile payment wallet.  •  Lynq: The only location tracker that works over miles - without phones, networks or infrastructure, founded in New York.  •  MicroEra Power - CHPplus: Based in New York, the company was founded on the belief that Engine + Fuel cell + Storage = onsite cooling, heat, power, and a fast payback!  •  Mymee Inc: A healthcare focused company from New York City that has created a digital therapeutic program to reverse the symptoms of autoimmune disease.  •  Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace: Nori is a Seattle based company that is creating a new way for anyone in the world to pay to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Its purpose: to reverse climate change.  •  NurtureCo: A healthcare focused company out of New York City that makes elder home care management easier.  •  Nyx Technologies: A Neurotechnology company out of Israel that is currently developing a wearable headband that monitors and changes brain activity in real time.  •  re:3D: A company out of Houston making human-scale 3D printing accessible.  •  Synapbox: Based out of Mexico City, Synapbox is a content testing platform that helps you measure consumers' emotional and visual real-time responses that turn into sales.  •  Team uSens: Launched in 2013, uSens is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and build interactive virtual experiences.  •  The Last of Ours: A platform for conservation initiatives to raise awareness and funds. They are based out of blockchain and centred around the blockchain industry.  •  Uizard: Based out of Demark, Uizard has created the world-first AI to transform user interface images to code automatically.  •  WeWALK: A smart cane for visually impaired. The company is based out of Istanbul and focuses on the world of accessibility  •  WILD Technologies AI: Based out of San Francisco, WILD Technologies AI empowers humans to reach their personal best.  •  WOMIN.IO: This New York City company provides a platform offering peer to peer engagements, verification, and the use of escrowed compensation through smart contracts on a blockchain.

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