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'Beminded' to launch in New Zealand to boost tech productivity
Tue, 12th Mar 2024

Anna Bojlert, with expertise in management, human resources, neuroscience, and behaviour science, developed Beminded in 2013 to enhance human capabilities in the technological world. Now, the training programme is set to launch in New Zealand this month, focusing on utilising technology as a complementary tool rather than a replacement for human skills.

According to the NZ Productivity Commission, New Zealand suffers from woeful productivity performance in comparison with other OECD countries. Beminded aims to revolutionise this statistic in the tech industry by implementing an innovative productivity training programme that emphasises the importance of working smarter and not harder.

The productivity training programme, focusing on the prefrontal cortex and how brains operate in an information-heavy world, provides techniques designed to enhance focus, engagement, and productivity while mitigating the effects of stress. Offering insights into triaging information streams and minimising distractions, the programme assists participants to manage their mental space effectively and maximise cognitive thinking for superior performance and results.

The programme is specifically tailored to New Zealand organisations, companies, and workplaces that yearn for increased productivity and performance. Having trained over 4,000 participants from 50 different companies across 11 countries, the programme has proven its efficacy globally.

Equality weighted on humans and technology, Beminded gears towards recognising the symbiotic relationship between the two. Tech-focused businesses and organisations can benefit immensely from the programme, striking a balance between human cleverness and technological advancement.

Nat Milne, Auckland business owner and HR specialist, is rolling out the programme around New Zealand after experiencing life-changing results upon completion of the productivity training. She states "I was busy, stressed, tired, and high-functioning, but I wasn't really productive, which is similar to a lot of workplaces and businesses in NZ".

Having seen an improvement in her productivity of around 25% and an increase in business turnover back to pre-COVID-19 levels within two months, she's confident about the positive impact Beminded can have. "Now I never check work emails in the evening, or first thing in the morning. I’ve stopped letting lots of information and electronic alerts interrupt my focus and attention. I’m a different person now, at work and more present at home with my children."

To further enhance productivity in New Zealand, Milne urges the need to treat skilled staff as knowledge workers, focusing on results rather than office hours. Emphasising the Beminded approach, she believes in the power of teaching smarter and stress-free ways of operation to staff and workplaces in New Zealand.

Beminded will initiate training workshops across New Zealand in March and June 2024. Expressions of interest to join the training programme are now open.