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Entrepreneurs to make a 'tangible difference' with creative solutions
Wed, 26th Oct 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Over 120 entrepreneurs will gather in Auckland next month to create unique solutions for some of the most challenging issues facing society today.

In just 54 hours, innovators from all backgrounds - developers, designers, marketers, managers and entrepreneurs - will share their ideas for businesses that can make real, positive impacts.

Startup Weekend Auckland at Massey University's Albany Campus, and this year, for the first time the weekend will have two key focus areas.

The organisers of Startup Weekend Auckland are shining the spotlight on both education and social enterprise.

Laura Kerrison, marketing lead of Startup Weekend, says that by connecting sectors, disciplines and diverse groups of people, they will develop insights in to the many different needs, fears and aspirations for education.

“Not only do we aim to tackle real challenges facing education today - such as the effects of poverty on schooling, demands on teachers, outdated processes - we also want to challenge our attendees to consider what education for the future might mean; if the jobs today no longer exist, how do we adapt and learn for the changing landscape?

As transportation, cities and lifestyles change, what does that mean for education?

Social enterprise is the other key focus - using business to make an impact on real problems. The event aims to unlock creative, impact-driven processes for approaching problems.

Rowan Yeoman, Startup Weekend Global Facilitator, says participants gain new skills ranging from lean startup, prototyping and customer validation to decision making and working within a team by attending the weekends.

“It's incredibly inspiring to see resourceful individuals get together to discuss, and act on important problems,” says Yeoman.

“Startup Weekend isn't just about creating startups, it's about empowering our community to have the skills, tools and attitude to create a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem within Auckland.

Participants of the event become part of the Startup Weekend alumni community made up of more than 45,000 entrepreneurs from around the world.

“The talented people we see attend Startup Weekend Auckland, year after year, are passionate about rising to the challenges our families, communities and society are facing,” adds Kerrison.

“The impact extends far beyond the weekend - their ideas can make a tangible difference and benefit communities here in Auckland and all around the globe.”