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Epson printers and projectors Win iF Design Award
Thu, 2nd May 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Four of Epson's inkjet printer designs and two of its 3LCD projector designs have been named iF Design Award 2019 winners by the iF International Forum Design.

Created in 1953, the iF Design Award recognises innovative industrial product design excellence. Products are evaluated based on a wide range of criteria, including factors such as practicability, workmanship, consideration of environmental standards, degree of elaboration and innovation, functionality, usability, safety, aesthetics, and universal design.

This year's winners were selected from more than 6,375 entries from 52 countries by a 67-member jury comprised of experts from around the world.

Epson products recognised with the iF Design Award 2019:

EV-100/ EV-105 projectors

A projector to be used for lighting or video performances of products or exhibits in shopping centres or museums. To better show off the appeal of the product or exhibit, Epson focused on a simple design that melts into the surroundings. Epson removed all holes and wiring from the unit sides, which customers notice, for a clean design. The vents, which any projector requires, were hidden in the design as slits with identical patterns on the unit's front and rear. The cylindrical design, made to resemble a spotlight, enables installation on the ceiling without negatively affecting the atmosphere. 

ET-M1140/ ET-M1180/ ET-M2140/ ET-M3140/ ET-M3170 inkjet printers

A4-sized monochrome inkjet machine with a high capacity eco tank that enables up to 6,000 sheets on a single ink refill. The new eco tank design puts a single slit through a simple and clean exterior. Users can check the ink level or open and close the tank cover. A new shape was used for the bottle tip and inlet to prevent filling mistakes. Just insert the bottle - the printer automatically refills ink then stops, giving users comfort and reassurance. While low cost, it lets users easily perform various printing and reduces downtime and waste to support their daily work.

ET-2710/ ET-4700/ L1110/ L3100/ L3110/ L3150/ L5190 inkjet printers

A4-sized colour inkjet machine with a high capacity eco tank that lets users easily perform various printing at low cost. Epson focused on operability to eliminate hassle and concerns about stains when refilling ink. Epson improves front access and the visibility of the remaining ink, and used a unique shape for the bottle tip and inlet of each colour to prevent filling mistakes for unprecedented comfort and reassurance. The protruding shape expresses the performance of the high capacity eco tank, and the simple, round design around the tank gives an approachable and familiar feeling.

SC-T5150/ SC-T5150N/ SC-T3150/ SC-T3150N/ SC-T3100/ SC-T3100N/ SC-T5100/ SC-T5100N inkjet printers

Full-colour large format printer (LFP) among the smallest in the world for use in offices, architect studios, schools, and retail shops. LFPs are conventionally used for special applications, but with UI identical to business printers and a simple and clean look that fits any office, Epson designed printers that make it easy for customers to buy their first LFP. For schools, in particular, Epson prioritised safety, reducing the outlet port to ten mm so that children cannot fit their fingers inside. The large touch panel and buzzer let users see the status at a glance and give guidance for easy use.

SC-T5450/ SC-T3450/ SC-T3450N/ SC-T3400/ SC-T3400N/ SC-T5400 inkjet printers

High-speed, high-resolution large format printer (LFP) for printing drawings in official bureaus and architect studios or PoP printing in retail shops. Epson redesigned the LFP, conventionally used for special applications, with UI identical to business printers and a simple and clean look that fits any office. It provides intuitive operation and maintains a clean office atmosphere. 
The large touch panel, warning LEDs, and buzzer let users see the status at a glance and give guidance for easy use. Epson also strived to cut assembly time, streamlining work by developing new legs assembled in three steps.

EB-L610U/ EB-L615U projectors

A projector to be installed in classrooms and lecture halls or offices for meetings and presentations. A new laser light source allows for a very compact size while achieving a bright screen up to 6,000 lm and eliminating the need for maintenance. The exterior design consists of vertical and horizontal elements in order to blend into the interior space, and the vents use a louver shape to hide the noisy internal parts. It emphasised thinness and the rounded corners give off a simple and clean feel when looked at from any angle, allowing users to install the product naturally on desktops or ceilings.