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Facebook releases bundle of solutions to help SMBs thrive via mobile
Tue, 11th Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Facebook recently announced a series of solutions to help SMBs be more creative and efficient when managing their mobile strategy.

According to Facebook, their platform is the mobile solution for 65 million business with Pages and 8 million with Profiles on Instagram. Adding to that, they have more than 5 million active advertisers on Facebook.

The social media giant says with these numbers in mind, it needs to provide solutions for businesses so customers can learn more about their products, visit websites, download an app or send messages.

Their recent changes are intended to make connecting with customers as easy as possible, which include:

Easy analysis

Facebook says with the Ads manager App, you can manage your ads and get insights in just a few taps.

Some of the updated features include being intuitive controls like at a glance being able to see how ads for your Pages are performing, or see a snapshot of how your ad account performed this week compared to the previous week - users can also select up to five ads and compare them side by side.

The app also recommends actions to improve the performance of your ad, while making it easy to do so with just a click.

For example, they'll notify you when a high performing ad (compared to your other similar ads) is about to end and give you a one-click option to extend the schedule for another one, three or seven days.

Mobile Studio

While mobile has levelled the creative playing field, giving all businesses the ability to deliver world class creative to people around the world, easier and more cost-efficient ways to create new content for Facebook and Instagram have still been demanded amongst small businesses.

Facebook says it's found a solution, with the new creation, Mobile Studio, which it says can show businesses just how easy it is create great ads using only a mobile device, bringing businesses to life without eating up time, energy or resources.


Responding to customers is key in the digital age, but as a small business it can be hard to keep up with the volume of communications coming in.

Late last year Facebook announced a single inbox to manage communications across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram within the Pages Manager App, and today it has expanded these capabilities to desktop.


For small businesses looking to expand overseas, Facebook has made it easy to run global campaigns from anywhere with these new solutions:

  • International Lookalikes can help businesses find new people that look like their best customers in other countries
  • Worldwide/Global Region targeting can help businesses set up a global campaign and find efficient conversions
  • Country Snapshots and Insights Playbook can help businesses create customised campaigns in each country