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Hammer unveils Hammer Edge for enhanced remote workforce management
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

Hammer, a global leader in end-to-end contact centre testing and customer experience (CX) assurance, has announced the implementation of a new software solution called Hammer Edge. Forefronting the burgeoning need for remote and hybrid workforce management, the software offers organisations complete visibility into their endpoint, network, application, and system health, covering the entire agent population.

Hammer Edge facilitates automated measurement reports that break down business performance by line of business, team, geography, or individual agent. The reports are intended to swiftly identify and troubleshoot issues, contributing to a seamless, consistent end-to-end customer experience. At present, Hammer solutions are effectively used by over 250 large organisations, encompassing eight of the top ten global banks, eight out of the top ten global healthcare organisations, and seven of the top ten largest insurance companies.

Employee experience management has become a necessity as remote and hybrid work along with the exponential need for cloud services has complicated the assessment of system performance. Hammer's President, John D’Anna, expressed, "Modern contact centres depend on agents at the edge of their corporate network communicating with devices, ISPs, VPNs, and third-party APIs, all of which can vary wildly. When something goes wrong, there are so many variables, finding a solution or even a temporary workaround isn’t easy."

Kacey Kemmerer, Hammer’s Senior VP of Global Sales and Channels, revealed that Hammer Edge is designed to cut through the complexity of modern corporate networks, guaranteeing transparency across the entire CX environment. Hammer Edge's dashboard enables contact centre leaders to monitor performance drops, identify those impacted, determine the duration of the issue, and pinpoint the origin of the problem.

Hammer Edge is innovative in its provision of perspective-based measurements. This is achieved through its secure measurement of agent, user, and workforce data, which includes defined Internet Service Provider (ISP), network, web application, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), voice, and endpoint datasets. The data gathered is utilised to score the delivered experience and presented in a customizable format, offering operations and IT teams real-time and historical insights into the entire contact centre health and performance.

Kurt Dahlstrand, Hammer's Senior Director of Product Strategy and Solution Engineering, addressed the company's commitment towards improved customer experience, "For over 30 years, our partners and customers have relied on Hammer solutions to optimise their customer experience.

"With Hammer Edge, we’re expanding our end-to-end testing and measuring capabilities farther than ever before to offer our community more visibility than they’ve ever had," he said.

In conclusion, the launch of Hammer Edge signifies Hammer's continued dedication to advancing technology to support and enhance customer experiences worldwide. In an age of widespread remote and hybrid workforces, this new software solution seeks to ensure seamless, effective customer experiences at every contact point.