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Hands-on review: Logitech MX Brio webcam
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

The right webcam can not only enhance productivity but also elevate digital collaboration and the quality of content created. Enter the Logitech MX Brio webcam, Logitech's latest offering that aims to redefine the boundaries of digital excellence, especially for creative professionals. With its Ultra HD 4K resolution and AI-enhanced imaging capabilities, the MX Brio is a game-changer in the world of webcams.

Upon unboxing the MX Brio, the first thing that strikes you is its sleek, modern design. Available in both Graphite and Pale Grey, its aesthetic is both professional and minimalist, blending seamlessly into any workspace. The aluminium unibody design, reminiscent of high-end tech gadgets, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability.

Logitech has pushed the envelope further with the MX Brio by introducing a webcam sensor that provides 70% larger pixels than its predecessor, the Brio 4K. This significant improvement means that users can expect ultra-sharp image quality, making every video call or streaming session look crystal clear. This clarity is further enhanced by the AI-powered image enhancement technology, which adjusts white balance, exposure, and focus based on the user's face. The result is a more natural, vibrant image that maintains its quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

The MX Brio has many customisation options. The ability to manually adjust exposure, tint, vibrance, and field of view puts the control firmly in the user's hands, allowing for a tailored video experience. The Show Mode feature is particularly innovative, enabling users to share physical objects on their desks with a simple tilt of the webcam. This functionality is a boon for creatives and educators who often need to showcase tangible items during digital presentations.

Audio quality has not been overlooked. The MX Brio is equipped with two integrated beamforming microphones that focus on the speaker's voice while minimizing background noise. This ensures that whether you're on a video call, streaming, or recording, your voice is heard clearly and crisply.

Logitech's commitment to sustainability is evident in the MX Brio's design. Certified as carbon neutral, the webcam is part of Logitech's effort to create products that are not only innovative but also environmentally responsible. The packaging made from paper sourced from FSC-certified forests and the inclusion of certified post-consumer recycled plastic highlights Logitech's dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

Retailing for AUD $329 or NZD $359, the MX Brio sits at a higher price point, reflective of its advanced features and premium build quality. It's a significant investment, but for professionals and creatives seeking to elevate their digital presence, the MX Brio is undoubtedly a worthwhile addition to their tech arsenal. With its Ultra HD 4K resolution, AI-enhanced image quality, and user-centric design, it sets a new standard for what we can expect from digital collaboration tools. Whether you're a content creator, a remote worker, or someone who values high-quality digital interactions, the MX Brio is the best webcam available full-stop.