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Harnessing logistics and storage as a competitive advantage
Tue, 23rd May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kiwi businesses are gearing up to take advantage of the growing online economy, but may not be aware of the developments that are occurring in logistics that support this business growth.

In 2015, Kiwis spent more than $4.7billion online – an amount that is set to grow as Kiwis adapt to online services, according to Nielsen research.

The shift to eCommerce is also opening up core overseas markets that represent huge opportunities for business growth.

“The shift to online shopping allows businesses to reach new customers, but it also places more pressure on them in terms of customer demands,” says NZ Post Group customer engagement general manager Ashley Smout.

“Logistics is a key area for helping handle these demands, and we want to ensure Kiwi businesses are as aware of these developments as their overseas counterparts,” says Smout.

To address this, NZ Post is holding “You Can Grow” business showcases in Auckland and Christchurch that bring together specialists and partners to talk about how logistics can help New Zealand companies grow.

Topics include how to use shipping as a competitive advantage, enhancing the receiver experience, outsourcing warehousing and online order fulfilment and how to access international marketplaces, including the US and China.

It will also provide case studies of how businesses are adapting their logistics for growth in New Zealand and abroad. 

The You Can Grow business showcases are on May 29 in Auckland and Christchurch on June 12.

The event will pack all the information businesses need to know into sessions of two hours.