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Hootsuite announces $5mil integration fund for social business apps
Mon, 1st May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Social media management platform Hootsuite has launched a $5million multi-year fund to support developers building innovative, enterprise-strength integrations and business applications.

The fund is open to developers worldwide, and will make it easier for them to build on the Hootsuite platform.

“We're investing in the Integration Fund to encourage them to continue to develop applications that enable our customers to connect social to marketing, analytics, and other business solutions they rely on every day,” says Hootsuite senior vice president of strategy and corporate development Matt Switzer.

The criteria for are business applications that help users connect with their audiences across their customer journey on social; and solutions that integrate deeply with the Hootsuite platform using their SDKs and APIs.

Funded applications will receive go-to-market support and opportunities to participate in co-marketing initiatives.

They will also be listed in Hootsuite's app directory, comprising of hundreds of applications including Salesforce and Zendesk, and more than 2.5 million app installs.

The decision for the use of funds towards a particular integration will be based on customer needs and alignment with the Hootsuite platform strategy.

Hootsuite's investment in an Integration Fund will further the company's commitment to building integrations that give customers the flexibility to use solutions that fit their needs.

In addition to the Integration Fund, Hootsuite has launched a new and expansive developer portal to provide full access to Hootsuite's SDKs and APIs, a developer blog, and technical support to make it easier and faster to build integrations on its platform.

“Hootsuite has enabled Synaptive to reach millions of customers while continuing to incubate innovative and relevant business applications on the platform,” Synaptive CEO David Dmytryshyn says.

“Synaptive has worked closely with Hootsuite to fuel the development of more than 15 enterprise-strength integrations which have been a major revenue driver for our company,” he adds.