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The Icehouse announces brand refresh - making it personal

Thu, 27th Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Icehouse has announced a brand refresh in its long-term strategy going forward to 2026.

Icehouse CEO Andy Hamilton says the company has had a look at its own brand and realised that it might not reflect who they are, what they do and what they aspire and dream for.

“We have been conscious for some time that people can get confused about what we do and that even includes ourselves,” he says.

As part of redoing the long-term strategy for the Icehouse to 2026, it has refreshed its values to being (1) It's Personal (2) Expect the Best and (3) Stronger Together.

“We have also taken the opportunity to update the brand look and feel - our purpose has always been to enable New Zealand businesses and businesspeople to be successful - whatever that success is for that person or business,” says Hamilton.

“What really stood out to us was the impact on the person and how personal business is."

"So we have a new look and feel – which is exciting and we like it – and it is a part of a whole range of refreshing things we are doing to be your business partner, your business enabler as we work hard to be the best we can,” he adds.

Icehouse coach Carollyn Chaplin says that a brand represents what companies promise their customers and how they consistently deliver this promise.

Internally, it will set expectations with staff and guide them on how to behave, even in small ways like answering the phone or in knowing the right ways to interact with customers.

Externally, brand guidelines set the tone and manner for interactions with people outside the organisation, like talking to media, dealing with suppliers and socialising with key influencers.

For example, a cheeky and irreverent brand personality may give the sales force the license to push the boundaries and show humour with potential customers, Chaplin says.

“A well-executed brand is a beautiful thing. If clarity can be achieved across all of your brand pillars and the promise delivered to the market consistently, your customers will become your biggest advocates,” she says.

Details on the Icehouse's brand refresh are expanded in the video below.

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