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InfoSum partners with DIRECTV for improved data-based advertising
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

InfoSum, a prominent data collaboration platform, has made public its collaboration with DIRECTV. This significant partnership aims to offer an advanced solution for advertisers and will be constructed upon InfoSum's data clean room technology. Given this progressive approach, advertisers will gain the capacity to compare their first-party data versus DIRECTV's extensive audience database, which encapsulates millions of TV viewers. This comparison will guide the planning, execution, and measurement of targeted advertising campaigns, all of which will be carried out in compliance with a privacy-first framework.

The broader context of this unveiling is a landscape brimming with solutions to the issue of cookie deprecation and a surge in the prevalence of data clean rooms. The cooperation between InfoSum and DIRECTV signifies an industry-leading endeavour into first-party data-matching for the sector of advertising.

InfoSum's proprietary data clean room technology lays the foundation for this groundbreaking solution. It presents advertisers with the ability to compare their first-party data against the cross-platform audience that encompasses millions of DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM viewers. Consequently, advertisers can plan, execute, and measure meticulously targeted, pertinent advertising campaigns without the dependency on third-party identifiers. This method allows for more efficient and effective customer experiences with the assurance of stronger returns on investments and advertisement expenditure, optimal yield maximisation, and thorough respect for user privacy.

DIRECTV Advertising, recognised for their position at the top in addressable and audience-based TV and streaming, have invested heavily in data collaboration capabilities as their strategy to offer the most inclusive advertising solutions to the market. The recent collaboration empowers DIRECTV Advertising to utilise InfoSum's network of data-rich partners, leading to new insights about subscribers, enhanced audience segments, and the creation of a competitive advantage through increased demand for its media.

Highlighting the benefits of the partnership, Amy Leifer, Chief Advertising Sales Officer at DIRECTV Advertising, said, "We meet clients where they are, and this relationship with InfoSum allows us to put privacy at the centre of our first-party data approach, and bring greater value to our clients and partners."

Expressing his excitement about the project, Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum, said, "InfoSum is delighted to work with DIRECTV Advertising as it enhances its industry-leading digital advertising solutions. In today's landscape, customer-centric businesses are increasingly putting consumer privacy first. InfoSum's industry-leading data clean room technology empowers our partners and their clients to engage in cutting-edge advertising collaborations without risking data exposure, leakage or misuse."