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Kiwis more trusting of digital payment methods - and customer experience is the driver
Fri, 18th Nov 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kiwis are starting to trust digital payment methods much more since contactless, mobile wallets and online checkouts have arrived on the scene, according to a new Visa survey.

The survey found that 72% of respondents trust the security of digital and mobile payments, a 21% jump compared to when these technologies emerged.

It also found that Kiwis will adopt the latest security techniques such as biometric scanning. 68% of respondents said using fingerprint scanning lessens the risk of someone fraudulently accessing their account.

Sam Gianniotis, Visa chief risk officer for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, says that customer experience plays a huge part in innovation.

To succeed we must offer relevant, secure customer experiences that add convenience, subtract a pain point, or add value in a new way.  Payment innovations such as biometrics like fingerprint or retinal scanning add real convenience for consumers wanting fast ways to authorise payments securely, and this survey clearly shows the appetite for this technology in New Zealand,” he explains.

The survey revealed that respondents believe the following measures are effective prevention methods against fraud:

  • Fingerprint scanning to confirm or validate payments
  • Never leaving wallets or handbags unattended
  • Varying the number of PIN numbers and passwords for different accounts
  • Using anti-virus on computers and smartphones
  • Using passwords on smartphones
  • Only carrying cards you need to use when you buy something

“We're guided by the principle of responsible innovation and of optimising risk across our payments network.  The environment is always evolving, because fraud moves to the weakest points in the ecosystem,” Gianniotis says.

Our research shows us that as the proliferation of devices across all aspects of our lives increases, so too does the trust in the security enabling the payment experience," he concludes.