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Minecraft adds five new worlds to RTX beta on Windows 10
Wed, 20th May 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Italian-inspired villages, underground lairs, medieval realms and overgrown forests - keen Minecraft creators will no doubt be keen to discover five new worlds available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

NVIDIA, Microsoft, and ‘well-known' Minecraft creators developed the new worlds for Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10 Beta for free.

Creators include Australian gamer PearlescentMoon, Australian Minecraft modder and streamer Wyld, Belgian gamer and TouTuber Aurelien Sama, US-based gamer IAmSp00n, and collaborators from mudpack development team Feed The Beast.

The new worlds are:

  • Hilltop Lifestyle RTX by PearlescentMoon - From the creator of Color, Light and Shadow RTX from the first releases, Hilltop Lifestyle RTX is survival spawn set in a new outdoor map utilising many of the concepts, advancements and features demonstrated in her previous ray tracing and physically-based texture showcase. In this new world users will explore the beautiful Hilltop Lifestyle island, and learn to live off of the land in its Italian-inspired village.
  • Egg Hunt by Feed The Beast – Set deep underground, Egg Hunt is a new standalone mini-game featuring a mysterious cave filled with puzzles, traps, secrets, and fun challenges. The goal is to find the hidden eggs, in order to complete the two game modes in the fastest time possible.
  • Medieval RTX by Aurelien_Sama – Medieval RTX is a survival spawn that features an idyllic medieval village nestled below an ancient ruin, with god-rays from the setting sun shining happily through the town. As night falls and the shadows grow longer and darker, danger awaits.
  • The Dark Village RTX by Wyld – The Dark Village RTX is a survival spawn set in an abandoned village that lies overgrown in the forest, where effigies of the missing stand long-forgotten. Underneath this village lies the realm of hidden horrors. Players will follow the quest, solve interactive puzzles, discover secrets, and experience rich ray-traced shadows to see if  your sanity survives as days pass.
  • The Observer RTX by IamSp00n - Classified as an adventure, The Observer RTX is a world that starts deep underground. The player explores their newfound surroundings, uncovering the mysteries of the entombed vault they are stuck in. Along the way they discover the lore of the land to reveal the fate of the Observer's denizens.

To download and play the Minecraft with RTX beta, your minimum system requirements should meet the following specs:

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better
  • CPU: Intel Core i5, or equivalent, or better
  • RAM: 8GB, or more
  • Storage: 2GB (Game, plus all worlds and resource packs)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 x64

You'll then need to download Windows 10 updates and the Minecraft with RTX Game Ready Driver, available from GeForce Experience.  Players should also own a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10.

“Please back up any worlds you wish to keep before signing up to the new beta, or uninstalling old versions of the game. Once your worlds migrate over to the Minecraft with RTX beta, you will not be able to go back to the previous version of your worlds.”