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Mumbai-based Netcore launches CX-based marketing solution
Mon, 24th Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Marketing campaigns can be challenging without the right tools to understand and reach out to your clientele in an appropriate and timely manner.

Mumbai-based marketing solutions provider Netcore has developed a full-spectrum marketing automation platform in an effort to solve the problem.

Netcore Smartech helps marketers map customer journeys, allowing brands to create personalised customer experiences in real-time.

With automated workflows and multiple channels of communication (email, text, voice, social, web, app), personalised campaigns can be executed at scale by sending the right message to the right person on the right channel and at the right time.

“The customer's buying journey has evolved and is disrupting today's marketing landscape. It is non-linear, contextual, transparent and conversational in nature,” Netcore CEO Kalpit Jain says.

“Smartech helps CMOs shift focus from branding to customer experience and design campaigns that are personalised.”

Indian insurance company HDFC Life was one of the early adopters of Netcore's marketing solution.

“After adopting Netcore Smartech, we witnessed a 30 per cent increase in email open rates because of relevant targeting while cross-channel marketing gave a 30 percent jump in leads,” HDFC Life senior executive vice president Sanjay Tripathy says.

HDFC Life reduced its waged labour by 12 hours per week after adopting the full-stack Smartech solution.

"A unified view of customer today is crucial to ensure successful lead generation. Insurance is a very tricky market. Most customers have one transaction throughout the year - when paying the premium," Tripathy says.

It was implemented in 25 days and provided a unified view of all campaigns, enhanced campaign performance and improved customer reach.

Netcore says the Smartech solution can double customer engagement, reduce messaging costs by 20 percent, double the return on investment from marketing, and increase customer lifetime value by 20 percent.