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New reporting solution launched to streamline operations for health practices
Fri, 19th Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

eHealthSmart has today announced the launch of a new solution designed to streamline all aspects of reporting for health practitioners, all accessible in one central location.

The solution integrates data from a practice management system as well as cloud accounting software, resulting in a user-friendly interface which shows the most common reporting requirements for managing a practice.

It comes as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches medical practices thin across the world, with many opting for digital transformation to automate processes and make day-to-day operations more efficient.

Aimed at medium-sized health practices, the solution, developed by Flock Consulting, allows these organisations to manage data on a scale ordinarily seen in larger enterprises – but without the associated costs.

"We wanted to give small business access to powerful reporting without having to spend thousands of dollars to get it,” says Flock Consulting managing partner Jon Foote.

“We have built eHealthSmart to offer templated reporting, delivered just like Software as a Service (SaaS), except in this case it's Reporting as a Service (RaaS), at a fraction of the cost of a typical BI project."

Initially focussing on Physiotherapy practices, users will then be able to expand into other health disciplines.

"Our team has quite a bit of experience in the health industry and recently have worked with a number of large and small physio practices and saw a need for a product like this to help practices manage their business," says Foote.

"We continue to look at ways we can develop the solution to help organisations in health and are in discussions with a range of other health solution providers to look at ways we can partner to provide more complete solutions for our customers."

While this solution is catered towards the health industry, Flock Consulting has begun an investigation into the development of a similar solution, using the same technology, but not constrained by industry.

"Small businesses across New Zealand don't have the budgets or the capability to develop these sorts of reports using the technology available, we see an opportunity to offer a solution so they can get the information they require to grow their business that is within their reach," says Foote.

The focus in the short term is to develop a product that works effectively for health-based practises and delivers for their needs, according to Flock Consulting.

The full release of eHealthSmart is scheduled for New Zealand-based practices in mid-July with, further releases in Australia and the UK to follow.

eHealthSmart is currently taking registrations for practices that wish to be part of their Beta program to assist in the early-stage development.

Starting at NZ$99 per month, a small practice can view daily updated reporting from their practice management system and one of the optional extras from accounting and social media data sources. Upgrades then allow for adding in additional data sources as required.

Standards packages are available for practices up to 5 clinicians or up to 20 clinicians with custom options for practices over 20 clinicians.