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New Zealand start-up SellWise seeks to revolutionise secondhand trading
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

A Nelson-based start-up, SellWise, is targeting the secondhand goods market in New Zealand. It aims to eliminate the frustrations experienced on social media marketplaces and dated trading websites. With its slated official launch, SellWise is on a mission to streamline the process of buying and selling secondhand goods in the Kiwi nation.

SellWise is a groundbreaking app that promises to redefine Customer-to-Customer (C2C) trading in New Zealand. The platform presents a promising new direction in the secondhand goods market by streamlining the experience of buying and selling used goods, ensuring safety, efficiency, and an enhanced user experience.

The company understands the pain points of buyers and sellers and has spent the last year conducting thorough research to provide users with a user-friendly and intuitive trading experience.

A SellWise spokesperson said, "Our mission with SellWise is to simplify the buying and selling of secondhand goods in New Zealand. We understand the frustrations that come with existing platforms, and we are excited to offer a safer, smarter, and simpler alternative."

"We want to bring buying and selling secondhand goods back to a way that fits with Kiwis who trade whether it is for clearing out the house, upcyclers or people wanting to pick up items at a fair price locally." 

The platform aims to enhance the user experience, contrasting with existing platforms that allow listings in multiple categories at an extra cost, a hangover from outdated categorisation models formed years ago. SellWise criticises such platforms' approach as presenting "a poor and unnecessary user experience" and calls for a system that aligns with the needs of Kiwis who engage in secondhand trading.

Moreover, existing services like Facebook Marketplace and have long been seen as challenging for New Zealanders, with problems ranging from scams and unreliable sellers to exorbitant fees.

A company spokesperson explained, "When you look at what overseas equivalents, it is obvious Kiwi's are not getting a great user experience. The best way to sell second hand goods 15 years ago, is not necessarily the same as today and market leaders here are putting profit before users which is what we are changing first and foremost."

In recent times, six out of seven items on TradeMe were listed as brand new, indicating only 15% of listings met the criteria for people looking for secondhand goods.

The key benefits of SellWise lay in its unique features designed to match user expectations in 2024. Among these are an AI-powered listing creation function, government-verified ID for users, direct messaging functionality, a user rating system, and integration with NZ Post. Furthermore, the platform wants to differentiate itself by presenting a visual and intuitive user experience focused on less text and more media and a unique 'Goods Wanted' section.

SellWise is currently accepting sign-ups for its waiting list, extending an invitation to avid traders keen to be part of the testing process and early users of the service.