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OfficeMax NZ sees significant growth through Seismic partnership

OfficeMax New Zealand has announced it has seen a significant increase in customer and sales confidence as a result of Seismic's digital enablement software.

The software was introduced as part of OfficeMax's $1.5M, industry-first, experiential retail space development.

The company reported a 31% increase in seller confidence across the portfolio of OfficeMax's workplace solutions, along with a significant productivity boost.

Prior to the Seismic implementation, OfficeMax says that nearly half the sales team spent over a day per week putting together content such as customised product brochures. This has now dropped to just 4%.

OfficeMax says the change and new developments were sparked as a result of its State of the Workplace research. This research found that two-thirds of Kiwis (62%) who worked in an office-type environment feel that their job has a positive impact on their wellbeing, but their expectations of the physical workplace have changed.

Taking on the results from this research, OfficeMax introduced showroom experiences in 2020, which demonstrated the future of the workplace to business customers across technology, furniture, hygiene and other categories.

Seismic Interactive Content was a crucial part of the new development, aimed at transforming the buyer experience. OfficeMax says it gave the company the opportunity to capitalise on its investment by delivering comprehensive digital assets and resources for its sales and marketing team.

“We're far more than just stationery, but some of our customers are unaware of the full suite of categories we have to underpin work and learning – whether it's packaging and safety supplies, or furniture and technology products for offices, schools and homes,” says OfficeMax director, marketing and customer Evan Lawrey.

“It can be intimidating for our sales teams to retain knowledge on everything we offer, and we previously didn't have an easily navigable content repository to store all information. That was a key challenge for us.

Lawrey says that by leveraging Seismic's technology to empower employees, they have significantly increased the efficiency and quality of their customer service.

“Seismic has made us look more professional and has improved our ability to engage with customers wherever they are located,” he says.

Seismic VP for APAC Heather Cook says that great Seismic technology can empower customers in a wide range of sectors and situations through smart sales solutions.

“The adjustment to support workers and students in offices, classrooms and at home can be a challenging and costly feat for New Zealand's businesses and schools,” she says.

“Through its digital innovation, OfficeMax has not only transformed its showroom and eCommerce offerings, but empowered its workers to provide relevant, timely and tailored experiences to the customers that rely on the retailer's products to keep them running.

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