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Orcon scraps business & residential internet plans for more 'tailored' approach
Mon, 24th May 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Vocus-owned internet service provider Orcon has scrapped its ‘business' and residential' plans for a new, ‘tailored' approach to every customer's needs.

The strategy overhaul is part of what Orcon is calling ‘the future of working and home connectivity in mind'. According to Orcon chief executive Taryn Hamilton, more people are running businesses at home, so there's a greater need for ISPs to offer more than just streaming services and a straight pipe.

“We saw a real opportunity to create an ISP straddling the reality of a blended world and offering new
and innovative solutions to modern internet problems.

As a result, the company has transformed its service offerings across four areas: hyperfibre, WiFi, 4G, and support services.

1. Orcon's hyperfibre plans are all about providing the ‘fastest plans possible', according to the company.   The company will soon launch a new 2000Mbps plan and 8000Mbps plan, with reduced pricing on its 4000Mbps plan.

“We're also seeing tech-savvy businesses take up hyperfibre and ditch expensive dedicated fibre circuits,” says Hamilton.

2. Orcon's Wi-Fi Pro service guarantees strong signals throughout the home through Google Nest WiFi units. These mesh units expand and strengthen WiFi signals throughout a home or business.

Orcon will use address records and data on building size to recommend the optimal number of Google Nest units. The technical team offers additional technical support and setup.

Hamilton says the number one complaint from customers relates to WiFi speeds. “By using Google technology, house size data, and Orcon's local technical support, these issues can easily be overcome.

3. 4G Backup is available for smaller businesses. This means if a fibre connection goes down, the modem can continue providing internet access through 4G.

Hamilton says,  “My own COVID-19 experience confirmed that I need my internet to work, no ifs, buts or maybes. Now people work up to five days a week from home and can't afford downtime in the middle of a call, an online presentation, trading stocks or submitting a last-minute report. With 4G Backup, there's an extra layer of reliability ready to kick in when you need it most.

4. Orcon will also offer priority support for technical faults, which means technicians will arrive onsite within ‘hours, not days'.

“This provides peace-of-mind that any issues are fixed quickly for those running a business or working from home,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton concludes, “Our commitment to innovating and improving broadband in New Zealand remains strong. Watch this space for the next round.