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Simplicity to dominate visual trends in 2017, says Adobe
Wed, 8th Feb 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

2016 was a year filled with digital chaos, distraction and uncertainty. This year, the world is ready for simplicity and truth.

That's the word according to Adobe, who has put together its top visual trends for 2017.

Paul Trani, Adobe evangelist and award-winning designer, says by being aware and informed about upcoming trends, designers can move their creativity forward.

Adobe believes there will be three main visual trends heading into 2017 - Our Relationship With Technology, Emotive Communication and the Search for Meaning, and A Desire for Simplicity.

Adobe believes 2017 will see simplicity and truth thrive. In art, that translates to getting back to nature and considering how we relate to the Earth.

Function will be popularised over form and this simplicity paves the way for minimalist design that adheres to the “less is more” concept. Maximise white space and layout that's simple, clean, and authentic.

Additionally, editorial photography will highlight realities that appeal to modern consumers and design teams who want to embrace clarity and transparency. Clean, functional, and unfiltered materials lead the pursuit of the ordinary.

No man is an island. This trend draws inspiration from natural forces and explores mankind's relationship to all of Earth's organisms. As we recognize our comparative helplessness against the forces of nature, we wonder how nature, space, and solitude impact creative work. We'll look at notable examples of creatives taking inspiration from the vastness and rawness of nature.

Purpose over beauty. Function is winning out over form when both together are not in reach. A lack of content can no longer be disguised by pretty packaging — it first needs substance and weight. Social media has given a voice to everyone and celebrities recognize that people are expecting more than their faces emblazoned on selfies — we want their intelligent support for social issues too. A nod to Vogue, known for its reporting on fashion and beauty, for weighing in this past November on politics — a new direction full of relevance to its female audience.

Minimalism. Gone are the days of extravagance. With so much of the world in flux, we return to basics and focus on only the truly necessary. Anti-luxury, natural beauty, and a return to the idea that less is more.

Documentary reality. Dealing with the reality of military, social, cultural, and political conflicts in the world, whimsy is fading and the rose-tinted lenses — Pantone's Color of the Year 2016 — are out. Brutal, abrupt, less comforting ­— but truthful — images are in. Photography will highlight the power of the authentic image, as seen in distressing scenes of migrants attempting the journey to Europe and the devastation of Aleppo. They may be excruciatingly graphic and cause inner pain, but they awaken the world to emotions that otherwise may remain buried.