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The top 9 sales enablement apps for Salesforce
Fri, 18th Nov 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Our team attended last months Salesforce Dreamforce event in San Francisco. We visited each stand of the exhibition and collated the top tools, add-ons and Apps for Salesforce users.

Here are our picks in order of the top Salesforce sales enablement apps and tools from this year's event. The winners are:

#1: Skedulo

Integrating natively with Salesforce, Skedulo helps companies transform how they manage and schedule their mobile workforce teams by providing comprehensive management and scheduling functionality to service organisations with teams in the field.

Skedulo Lens takes this a step further by exposing real-time scheduling and availability to end customers on public websites, portals and branded mobile applications.

This closes the loop from the initial moment of service - when a customer requests an interaction with connected customer relationship data - through to service completion and satisfaction.

Furthermore, any company with a mobile workforce can deploy Skedulo Lens for smarter self-service scheduling and a radically enhanced customer experience.

#2: Qotient

Qotient is one of the more innovative and newer tools for Sales Enablement seen at DF. By creating the platform for a Company to deliver the guidelines for the best Sales conversations ( as opposed to content only as many others do) it enables better quality conversations leading to faster advancement through the Sales Cycle.

Its relevance to DF is strong as it provides the salespeople with "one touch" records of the conversation being deposited into SF with the resulting time saving and immediacy of data entry.

Sales and Marketing management get to know in realtime what conversations are being had, about what topics, and how they are resonating ( or not). This incremental and timely knowledge allows them to better drive and manage the sales process.

By improving sales conversation quality the ROI is strong as the closure rates improve with these better conversations.

#3: VisualCue

For Salesforce, VisualCue is a revolutionary data visualisation platform that allows everyone across an organisation to easily monitor performance.

This is accomplished by using the VisualCue Tile,  a dynamic 1:1 visual representation of every account, lead, opportunity and sales representative in an organisation.

Each metric for a given Tile is represented by an icon that dynamically shifts in colour to represent it's current status. The status of each metric is then combined to show an unmistakable indicator of overall performance.

#4: Infer

Infer is the #1 Predictive Sales - Marketing Platform which helps businesses identify and target your best prospects with Predictive Scoring, Sales Intelligence, and Account-Based Marketing products.

It leverages proven data science and machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in enterprises, along with thousands of signals from the web.

Several large enterprises are included in Infer's customer makeup, as well as numerous high growth companies like AdRoll, HubSpot, New Relic, Pandora, ShoreTel, Tableau, Xactly and Zendesk.

#5: Velocify Pulse

Velocify Pulse integrates directly with Salesforce to provide sales reps with automated outreach prioritisation, process-driven workflows and insights that lead to better engagement and conversion rates.

The sales acceleration solution simplifies internal processes and automatically surfaces the highest priority leads so contact centres can meet or exceed their quotas.

New features include prioritised contact actions across multiple channels, built-in sales workflow optimisation, one-click automation for common administrative tasks, enhanced email personalisation and prospect activity tracking for greater insight.

#6: CallidusCloud

CallidusCloud is the global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer experience solutions. Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management, CallidusCloud enables organisations to accelerate and maximise their lead to money process.

Organisations can use the CallidusCloud product portfolio to lower costs and become more productive. Over 4,800 organisations, across all industries, use the company's Lead to Money platform and are saving $50m in sales commission, gaining 28,000 hours of productivity and slashing millions from their training costs

#7: Brainshark

Brainshark Sales Accelerator provides training and coaching that reps need to understand their buyers' business challenges - all within a single platform that's integrated directly into Salesforce.

Plus, with dynamic content that drives better buyer engagement, and the analytics to prove it, organisations gain greater insight into how salespeople are interacting with customers and what actually works.

#8: Nc-squared

The Nc-squared Distribution Engine is a powerful and easily configurable engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities (or any standard or custom objects) are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner. And, it also it tracks and reassigns leads which are not followed up on time to another rep. You snooze you lose.

#9: Axtria SalesIQ

Axtria SalesIQ is a cloud based sales performance platform for flexible, high impact sales planning and operations. The integrated platform enables insight-driven territory alignment, call planning, incentive compensation and field reporting.

Built natively, the platform provides a rapid accelerator to deliver sales planning and operations capabilities to and Veeva customers.

The mobile-ready UI provides a seamless experience and keeps reps productive in the field. Single sign-on and the shared database means there is minimal integration.