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Cheetah Digital
Zero party data and the new era of 'relationship marketing'
The ideal way to engage consumers is through real-time, hyper-personalised experiences, a new eConsultancy report reveals.
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Customer data platform
Adobe updates CDP, puts first-party data front and centre
Adobe has updated its customer data platform (CDP), Adobe Real-Time CDP, to help brands transition from third-party cookies to first-party data.
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Hands-on review: Norton Anti Track 19 software
We get hands on with Norton's new privacy tool that was introduced in March 2022.
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Customer experience
Five ways marketers can satisfy their "sweet tooth" in a cookie-less world
We’ve been discussing the death of the cookie for a long time. Google announced plans to entirely phase out third-party cookies within two years.
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First-party data: A reason to celebrate
For years, brands have been utilising the benefits of third-party data to acquire customers. However, what happens when the tools needed for building that database get taken away?
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Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe expands Experience Platform with Segment Match
Adobe has revealed Segment Match, a new segment-sharing service for its Experience Platform, designed to power the data-sharing ecosystem.
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Cheetah Digital
Data derived from customer loyalty: more valuable than ever before?
With the death of cookies, the 'value exchange' between businesses and their customers' willingness to share personal data has never been so important.
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With death of third-party cookies on horizon, Adobe provides marketers with alternative
Adobe says adopting a first-party strategy, whereby quality, permission-based data is placed at the centre of customer engagements, is the future.
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Google Chrome postpones changing cookie policy in wake of COVID-19
Google Chrome says it began enforcing secure-by-default handling of third-party cookies with its release of the Chrome 80 update in February. But now the work has been postponed due COVID-19.
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What's the latest weapon in the fight against malware?
Palo Alto Networks embarked on a research project using known malicious servers to discover whether cookies can help understand malware identity.