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Gen Z news stories

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Can biometrics help? 123% increase in Gen Zs scammed online
In the three years leading up to 2022, the number of Gen Zs who fell victim to online scams rose by 123%, according to Ping Identity.
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Digital Transformation
Understanding modern retail through the Gen Z filter
Retailers face the challenge of managing their own digital transformation while also scrambling to serve the needs of a younger and increasingly online-savvy audience.
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The best ways to attract young talent during labour shortages
New research from Citrix reveals hybrid working and ventures into the metaverse are top of mind for Gen Z workers.
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Machine learning
How digital natives are changing the future of work

With Gen Z set to comprise one-third of the Australian workforce by 2030, there is no mistake that their presence will impact the future of the workplace. 
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Millennials out as Gen Z moves front and centre
“Employers can take a leaf out of Gen Z’s book with advancements in technology in force and exploration of digital realms on the rise."
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Accenture: Young Aussies driving digital healthcare market
Millennial and Gen Z consumers are paving the way for non-traditional care models, an Accenture study finds.
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Personalisation more important than privacy for Gen Z
Gen Z doesn’t just use the internet to connect them, entertain them, sell to them, and build their digital brand, they expect it to.
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Adobe: Gen Z don’t feel prepared for a tech-driven workforce
93% of students and 78% of teachers agree that Gen Z would be better prepared for the future if they had a good understanding of technology.
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CommScope helps data centers become Gen Z YouTube ready
Video is king and data centers have little choice but to prepare for higher speeds and increased stress on their networks.