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Clari bolsters RevAI features to empower revenue teams
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

Clari, the Revenue Platform provider, has announced a series of additions to its RevAI offering. These updates are designed to empower revenue teams to rapidly create, convert and close pipelines by preventing revenue leakage and by capturing more available revenue.

Revenue leak - the loss in earnings due to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the revenue process - is a nagging issue troubling sales representatives and frontline managers, the company states. These professionals often find themselves burdened with manual processes removing them from their primary focus - selling. Addressing this, the Predictive and Generative AI capabilities of RevAI, launched in 2013 and 2023 respectively, have now been bolstered with four additional features: Ask Clari, Smart Chapters, Smart Feed, and Smart Follow Ups.

Ask Clari permits revenue professionals investigating call records from their Clari Copilot to pose specific queries and receive instantaneous responses gleaned from all associated customer and prospect conversations. Jean-Baptiste Brunet, Sales Strategy and Operations Manager at Shippeo remarked, "We're impressed with Ask Clari’s speed and accuracy. It saves us significant time we can redirect to solving customer issues rather than seeking information."

Smart Follow Ups offer auto-generated emails based on intelligently formatted call summaries, proposed next steps and recommended actions. Implementing these provides sales representatives with the means to promptly connect with clients and prospects, thereby expediting conversion and closure rates. Correspondingly, Smart Chapters equip users with a visually depicted, time-stamped rundown of all prominent topics explored in each call, assisting in rapidly identifying required follow-up actions.

The fourth additional feature, Smart Feed, amalgamates details from calls and meetings into a monolithic feed that enables swift identification of crucial moments. This feed can be customised according to each user's strategic priorities such as key deals, new initiatives and market trends. Benjamin Roach, Head of RevOps and GTM Systems at Ardoq finds Smart Feed to be a "simple yet powerful solution that has boosted collaboration across revenue, marketing and product teams."

Rohit Shrivastava, Chief Product Officer at Clari, envisions RevAI as the daily AI for revenue teams, embedded into their workflows to foster exponentially higher productivity and impact. By eradicating cumbersome administrative work, RevAI seeks to unlock the full potential of sales reps and revenue leaders, and concomitantly increase revenue.

Previous capabilities boasted by RevAI include Smart Summaries, instant “post-mortems” of revenue-crucial emails and calls, and Smart Battlecards, AI-compiled in real-time to aid revenue teams in combating customer objections and worries (linked with 10% higher win rates according to Clari Labs).

Starting from later this month, all new additions to Claris RevAI portfolio will become accessible by customers.