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GetGloby partners with Aleph Group for AI-driven global ad localisation
Fri, 15th Dec 2023

AI and localisation startup, GetGloby, has announced a significant partnership with Aleph Group. The New York-based startup was founded by former Googlers with the objective of empowering companies to reach new markets.

According to a statement from the company, in collaborating with Aleph Group, they aim to connect advertisers with global consumers through language and cultural localisation.

GetGloby, fuelled by AI technology, utilizes its proprietary technology known as JAGA (Just A Google Away) to provide an enhanced translation service for brands. This technology understands specific nuances in local markets and can instantly translate ads and marketing assets into more than 100 languages.

Founders, Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni, recognised a gap in the market for ad translation services that truly relate to local audiences, leading them to develop GetGloby. With this solution, businesses can increase their market reach and performance of their ads in existing markets, while significantly lowering their costs.

Most existing translation engines are general-purpose and translate to a given language but don't accommodate specific audience terminology. This approach can often lead to misaligned campaigns and incorrect audience engagement.

Instead, GetGloby's method maintains the tone and intent of the original message, considering cultural nuances, brand identity, industry specifics, platform compliance requirements, among other factors. This methodology, called Transcreation, represents a cultural adaptation, enabling businesses to incorporate regional customs and dialects without compromising the brand voice.

As part of the partnership, Aleph will utilize GetGloby's technology, including JAGA, to localize its partner’s advertisements and marketing content efficiently and cost-effectively. The technology will work in conjunction with Aleph's scalable platform to help advertisers reach segmented audiences, delivering meaningful results. Aleph currently supports over 22,000 advertisers and services over 45 of the world's largest platforms.

Speaking on the partnership, GetGloby CEO, Diego Antista, stated, "As a company leveraging AI to break down language barriers, we are pleased to partner with a global enabler such as Aleph. We are hopeful this partnership will help us reach more advertisers worldwide, and push forward our mission of empowering global commerce for businesses of all sizes, in every corner of the world."

Rabin Yaghoubi, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Aleph said, "Understanding local audiences, and adapting accordingly to deliver a relevant campaign at the right time is critical for generating tangible results."

Yaghoubi continues, "This partnership with GetGloby will enable Aleph to offer a more holistic translation to our partners and support their overall growth objectives."