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NEC X & lotsful ally to boost startup growth with Japanese talent
Sat, 6th Jan 2024

In a mutually beneficial move for startups seeking competitive talent and professionals looking to further their careers through lucrative experiences, NEC X has announced a strategic partnership with Persol Innovation, operator of lotsful, the side job matching service.

The collaboration aims to integrate advanced-skilled professionals from Japan into NEC X's venture studio program, Elev X! Effectively doubling up on the talent reach; this joint venture is expected to bolster the establishment of startups by connecting them with skilled individuals from industries including design, product development, sales, marketing, and the digital sphere.

Lotsful is known for its wide-ranging pool of professionals, primarily from Japan's premier companies. While accomplished in their primary roles, these individuals also offer advanced skills via side jobs. The combined force of NEC X and lotsful's support offers startups the opportunity to access an extensive array of skilled professionals.

This alliance is expected to provide a practical solution to the steep costs of hiring in the highly competitive U.S. market. By channelling the advanced skills of Japanese talent, startups can leverage high-quality and cost-effective expertise, paving the way for the seamless establishment of new businesses.

Midori Tanaka, a representative of lotsful, said, "At lotsful, we have observed a significant increase in the registration of active corporate employees, driven not solely through financial motives, but by the desire to enhance their careers and skills through engaging in side jobs for valuable experiences."

Tanaka emphasised that this initiative fosters new ventures and actively contributes to the cultivation of global talent. "By pairing side job professionals with startups, we aim to create an ecosystem that gives rise to globally competitive businesses and skilled professionals. Entrepreneurs now have a golden opportunity to draw from a pool of motivated, highly skilled individuals poised to contribute to global business success," said Tanaka.

NEC X, too, sees clear benefits in the collaboration, particularly in the context of Japan's longstanding personnel system, famed for its lifelong employment approach. Shintaro Matsumoto, President and CEO of NEC X, said, "I am thrilled to witness the evolution of Japan's personnel system."

Matsumoto commented that the collaboration uniquely positioned top-skilled professionals from Japan's leading companies to enhance U.S. startups, notably through the Elev X! program, enabling potential growth in developmental and post-development phases.

"This strategic initiative is designed to enhance our startups' success, offering these professionals a chance for career development while making significant contributions to our growing ventures," said Matsumoto.

NEC X is inviting applications for its flagship program, Elev X! Ignite Batch11, until December 31. The initiative is an understandable continuation of NEC X's mission to realise tech-driven ventures from startup ideas. Still, lotsful continues to form connections between skilled professionals and opportunities via side jobs, driving success in business and organisational development challenges.