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NICE launches next-gen AI tool Enlighten Copilot for CX leaders
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Next-gen AI technology has been launched by NICE with the exciting introduction of Enlighten Copilot, an innovative solution specifically designed for supervisors and customer experience (CX) decision-makers. In an era where AI use in the workplace has soared to over 40% in 2023, according to research from Metrigy, this tool seeks to address mounting demands for AI-powered assistance pertaining to intricate operational and analytical roles within CX leadership.

NICE Enlighten Copilot addresses key requirements for CX entities, offering real-time analysis of organisational CX data, enabling employees at all levels to engage more dynamically and take data-driven actions to enhance the quality of customer interactions. This cutting-edge tool stands as the CX-specific AI copilot that efficiently delivers real-time analysis of CX data, according to a media release from NICE.

The array of business needs it serves across various operational levels is impressive. Notably, it includes a toolkit specifically for supervisors. The Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors complements an impressive portfolio of AI solutions from NICE that notably include Enlighten Copilot for Agents and Enlighten Actions.

Enlighten Copilot for Agents stands as a particularly sophisticated tool enabling the optimisation of agent-assisted interactions. By providing real-time context drawn from interactions, the package eliminates the need for agents to manually search for answers. NICE Enlighten Copilot’s potential in assisting agents to achieve optimum performance levels includes generating real-time conversational responses that propel interactions forward, identifying and recommending custom compliance and upselling opportunities mid-conversation, and effortlessly facilitating handoffs through automated procedures.

The NICE Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors utilises data from the aforementioned Agents package, providing supervisors with a comprehensive, in-the-moment overview of their agents' performance. This technology equips supervisors with crucial information, enabling them to offer targeted assistance to their team and enhance their overall performance. The tool also provides key data including speech patterns, time to resolution, and customer sentiment, and generates real-time alerts for immediate action.

NICE Enlighten Actions offers a solution, no additional coding required, to process and respond to the needs of CX leaders, drawing on data from the NICE Enlighten Copilot. The feature delivers full visibility to CX leaders, empowering them to make intelligent, data-driven decisions. The goal is to grasp, action, and meet company targets more quickly, whether that involves integrating with native or third-party applications, initiating workflow adjustments, comparing organisational KPIs against industrial benchmarks, or automating staffing changes.

Commenting on the launch, Barry Cooper, President of the CX Division at NICE, said, "The next-gen NICE Enlighten Copilot is the industry's leading AI-powered employee assist tool purpose-built for CX. It automates repetitive tasks and delivers faster access to knowledge, resulting in exceptional customer experience."

Adding to this, Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, stated, "Our research validates NICE’s approach with Enlighten Copilot: business leaders find significant value in leveraging CX-specific AI to both automate manual tasks and augment the critical work of employees. AI offers a competitive advantage to companies thanks to its automation capabilities and potential to convert supervisors from tactical to strategic roles."