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Orbia Wavin expands globally with enhanced digital sales platform
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Increasingly, vibrant online sales channels are central to maintaining a competitive edge for manufacturers. With Gartner predicting that 80% of sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be in digital channels by 2025, manufacturers must establish a robust digital commerce platform. In direct response to this trend, plastic pipe manufacturer Orbia Building & Infrastructure (Wavin) has rapidly expanded globally, unifying complex product catalogues into a cohesive digital ecosystem with the help of commercetools. More than 60% of sales are expected to be digital soon, driving significant revenue growth.

Previously, Orbia Wavin had relied on personalised relationships between field salespeople and long-term customers. However, by moving to a digital commerce platform, Orbia Wavin has significantly grown its online presence. Meeting the increasing demands of B2B merchants, the company has put up nearly two webshops per month over the last two years.

Commercetools is a composable commerce platform that allows companies to tailor and scale shopping experiences across markets dynamically. It equips some of the world's largest businesses with tools to future-proof digital offerings, reduce risks and costs, and build outstanding experiences that drive revenue growth. 

Headquartered in Munich, commercetools has led a global renaissance in digital commerce by combining cloud-native, technology-agnostic, independent components into a unique system that addresses specific business needs.

Neerav Shah, Head of EMEA at commercetools, noted the significance of Orbia Wavin's digital transformation: "The success Orbia Wavin experienced with our composable commerce platform underscores the importance of why B2B companies should invest in their tech stack to meet the digital demands of today's fast-paced market."

"Gartner predicts that 80% of sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be in digital channels by 2025. Our solution enabled Orbia Wavin to transform complex product catalogs into a unified digital ecosystem, at speed and at scale," said Shah.

Orbia Wavin began its digital transformation by creating a pilot webshop for one of its core markets. This served as the blueprint for 35 more localised webshops across Europe, Latin America, and APAC. Commercetools' modular, easy-to-integrate, and cloud-native composable technology made expanding Orbia's online presence to more than 80 countries easier.

Sam Brands, Global Product Manager for Digital Ordering at Orbia Wavin, shared his company's digital progress: "Once we got the core webshop in place, it was significantly easier to get them localised and ready to be used by our customers. We've grown from one webshop to 35 in a short period of time, especially considering that Orbia Wavin was a first-timer in eCommerce," he said.

The manufacturer's technology stack includes Contentstack's Content Management System (CMS), while implementation of Akeneo's Product Information Management (PIM) system is underway. All this is within a cloud-native infrastructure powered by Google Cloud.

The future looks increasingly digital for Orbia Wavin. With Gartner's prediction and the increasing digitisation of sales interactions, the manufacturer's robust e-commerce platform, developed in conjunction with commercetools, has set it up for significant future growth.