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Revolutionising the Future of Loyalty: Insights from Industry Leaders
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

In a digital age where consumer behaviours and technological advancements are constantly evolving, the traditional concepts of brand loyalty are being redefined. Jonathan Reeve, Vice President of APAC at Eagle Eye, delves into this transformative landscape, bringing to light the insights of experts and emerging talents in the Australian Loyalty Association (ALA).

Graham Webb, Marketing Manager-CTP at Suncorp Group, expresses enthusiasm about the future of loyalty programs. He notes, "Consumers’ expectations keep rising because of technology and UX experiences in other areas of their lives; so there will always be opportunities to adapt loyalty programs to meet their needs." Webb's advice for loyalty professionals is to have a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement and the economics of their programs.

Echoing similar sentiments, Aziz Kastoun, Junior Account Executive APAC at Eagle Eye, believes in a more personalised approach to loyalty. "The future of loyalty is one-to-one, treating me like how an independent shopkeeper would," he says. Kastoun praises programs like Perks by CottonOn & Co and Woolworths Everyday Rewards for their personal touch.

Richard Segar, Platform Architect at Simplicity Loyalty, highlights the legal changes in Australia and New Zealand regarding third-party data and privacy. He foresees brands leveraging loyalty programs and emerging technologies to build trust and stronger relationships. Segar's favourite loyalty program is Club Clipsal.

Stephanie Barr, Loyalty Senior Manager at AGL Australia, is excited about the role of data science in loyalty marketing. "Loyalty is at the forefront of marketing data science, and I can't wait to see how loyalty marketers are able to use this data in the future to form even more meaningful customer brand connections," she states.

Jaimi Farrey, Senior Loyalty and Personalisation Manager at Grill’d, looks forward to the possibilities unlocked by new technologies. She explains, "Technology will allow us to be more agile, use AI and machine learning to identify key segments and unlock 1:1 personalisation faster than ever before." Farrey emphasizes the importance of CSR initiatives and the need to adapt to the preferences of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

The ALA Young Members Group, launched in August 2022 for members aged 18–30, aims to nurture the next generation of Loyalty Marketers. This initiative offers educational courses, events, and access to senior community members.

As we venture into the future, loyalty is reimagined not just as a marketing strategy but as a collaborative effort between brands and consumers. It's a journey towards authenticity, responsiveness, and meaningful engagement, shaped by the practical advice and experiences of these industry leaders.

Jonathan Reeve, with his extensive experience in the retail industry, contributes significantly to this evolving field. His role at Eagle Eye in the APAC region involves helping businesses develop cutting-edge digital marketing programs that foster customer acquisition, interaction, and retention.

The Australian Loyalty Association, established in 2014, continues to offer thought leadership and networking opportunities in the loyalty industry, boasting over 3,500 members and 24 sponsors and partners.


The future of loyalty clearly lies in the intersection of technology, personalisation, and, most importantly, ethical engagement.